Reese Witherspoon Reenacts the Classic ‘Legally Blonde’ Bend and Snap for Walmart

The best way to liven up a shareholders meeting? With a little blast from the past “Bend and Snap” class, of course.

Reese Witherspoon did as much yesterday when she taught a “Bend, Snap, and Stock” lesson during a Walmart shareholders meeting in Fayetteville, Arkansas, taking a page out of the iconic Elle Woods’ book (and proving to us all that she’s still all that).

Witherspoon, who starred in Legally Blonde and Legally Blonde 2 in 2001 and 2003 respectively, taught one Walmart employee her flirtatious way of getting any gentleman’s attention.

After all, “it has a 98 percent success rate in getting a man’s attention and, when used appropriately, an 83 percent rate of return on a dinner invitation.”

Why Witherspoon was hosting a a Walmart shareholders meeting is another question…But it doesn’t really matter because it “works every time”!

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Let us not forget that classic scene in which Woods teaches Paulette (Jennifer Coolidge) her ways: