Sorry Folks, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Are Not Naming Baby No. 2 South or East

Guess there’s no other way but North for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

For those of you hoping that Kimye would be choosing another direction-related baby name for baby number 2, think again.

A source told TMZ that Kimye are not inspired by names like South, East or Easton, unlike with their firstborn North West, who turns 2-years-old next week.

It goes without saying that West as a first name was not being considered.

The source explained that the main reason why Kimye aren’t playing with their compass for baby no. 2 is because they want a strong name. “North” has that “power element because it’s always on top,” unlike South or East.

Instead, Kimye are allegedly planning on taking a more traditional route this time around, wherever whatever that means. TMZ notes, “Think less ‘K’ name, and more likely something connected to Kim or Kanye’s late parents.”

Aw, strong with sentimentality for Donda West and Robert Kardashian. We like it immediately.

Kardashian is due in December, and there’s been no word on whether she’s having a boy or girl (yet!).