Kylie Jenner Attempts to Promote Self-Tanning Product, Fails

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Kylie Jenner attempted to promote a self-tanning product on Instagram, but it didn’t go so well.

When companies want to promote their products, they will often partner with celebrities to have them post a photo with their items. It appears that’s what a company tried to do with Jenner over the weekend.

On Sunday (June 7, 2015), the 17-year-old took to Instagram to promote a self-tanner. It looks like Jenner used the product, and was showing off the results. In the photo below, you can see she missed a couple of places on her body.

Love my @cocoabrowntan from @marissacarter when I want a fast tan #SelfTan #CocoaBrown #1HourTan

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Oops! Well, at least this will get people talking about the product! So, maybe it wasn’t a fail after all?

On another note: How amazing does Jenner’s body look?! #Flawless