Iggy Azalea Cancels Pittsburgh Pride Performance, Apologizes for Homophobic Comments

Iggy Azalea Is an Engaged Woman
See her ginormous ring from Nick Young.

The last month has been quite the roller coaster for Iggy Azalea and it doesn’t show signs of stopping.  

The rapper announced that she will no longer be performing at this weekend’s Pittsburgh Pride event.

The news comes after she came under fire for some tweets she sent out in 2010 that were construed as homophobic. “When guys whisper in each other’s ears I always think it’s kind of homo,” one of the messages read.

The 25-year-old made the announcement on Twitter after getting criticism from LGBT community who they believe was an “insensitive choice” for the event.

Pittsburgh City Council President Bruce Kraus was among those who protested against Azalea, and several groups canceled their appearances in protest over her appearance at the Pride in the Street concert.

After also having to cancel her tour, the only positive thing that happened to Azalea this month is her engagement to Nick Young.

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