Naya Rivera To Release A ‘Juicy Tell-All Memoir ‘Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes And Growing Up’

Get ready to add another book to your 2016 reading list.

Naya Rivera has revealed that she’s coming out with a memoir next year, and it’s titled Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes, and Growing Up.

In addition to talking about her life as a child star and rising to popularity on the cast of Glee, Naya is supposedly planning to delve into her broke and struggling days as a Hooters waitress and discuss her dating life (hopefully she’ll share all the juicy details regarding her split with Big Sean).

While she doesn’t confirm exactly what kind of stories she’s going to tell, a source tells E! News to expect the actress to be very candid. “She’s going to be very honest and real. She talks about growing up poor and all the trouble she had when she was younger,” the source tells us.

The insider adds, “It’s things that a lot of woman can relate to…She talks about having to choose between her career and school and she shares all the crazy jobs she had before landing Glee,” like working at Hooters.

The book, which will be released next spring, is said to include “candid thoughts on topics ranging from dating… to the challenges of being mixed-race in Hollywood.”

You can currently catch Naya every week on Devious Maids.