WATCH: Kylie Jenner Tells Kendall ‘You’re My Biggest Bully in Life’

Kylie Jenner just called Kendall Jenner a “bully.” Why? Watch the video below to find out.

We all know Kylie likes to speak her mind, when she wants to say something, she says it. So, it’s not surprising that she let some secrets slip in a new video interview.

Kylie and Kendall played a game with Glamour called “Which Sister.” In the game, they had to say which sister would most likely to do the action being described. The girls had a hard time deciding on some of the questions, but here’s a couple they agreed on:

Which sister steals more clothes from her sister? Kendall.

Which sister has the dirtier mouth? Kylie.

When asked which sister was nicer, Kylie picks herself, but Kendall doesn’t agree. “Kylie, stop, you can be honest,” Kendall says. Kylie responds, “No, you’re so, you’re my biggest bully in life, ever.”

Watch the video to see it all go down!

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