How to Dress like a Celebrity: Summer Barbecues

The days are getting warmer, which means its about that time to start enjoying bikinis, brews and barbecues!

What to Wear: Summer Weddings
Find out how to dress like a celebrity at a summer wedding.

As we get deeper into June, our calendars are undoubtedly marked with at least a one BBQ (the 4th of July is guaranteed). Instead of stressing out about what to wear the day of the occasion, why don’t you worry about what to cook, and we’ll give you some tips on how to look.

Marshalls has enlisted celebrity stylist Estee Stanley — who’s styled the likes of Jessica Biel and Lea Michele — to help women build confidence by looking and feeling their best. Estee stopped by the CELEBUZZ offices and gave a few of the editors some advice on how to dress for reaching their goals.

Today’s installment is all about killin’ it with style and ease at a summer BBQ. Check it out:


Dress: Marshalls, $59.99; Sandals: Marshalls, $29.99

Here are a few of Estee’s tips she follows when she helps style a celebrity for a BBQ:

  • Comfort is key with all the eating and drinking you’ll be doing.
  • Don’t be too overdressed. Sometimes you see people who have gone overboard at a BBQ, and you’re like, “Why are you wearing heels in the grass?” There’s no need to be a showstopper!
  • Fitting in with the group at a summer BBQ will help you feel more confident — no one wants to be the woman all the other ladies are talking about.
  • You can still dress fun and flirty, adding a bit of sexiness by showing some skin (like the sleeveless dress or a pair of shorts).

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