Iggy Azalea Is Making a Coffee Table Photo Book, and 7 Other Things We Learned from Her Twitter

Iggy Azalea’s next project is a surprising one: a coffee table style photo book giving a behind-the-scenes look from some of her concerts.

You may ask: why is she making a photo book when a) she cancelled her tour and b) she cancelled her upcoming show – headlining the Pittsburgh Pride Parade – in light of backlash from past homophobic comments she once made?

Well, “why not”, is what Azalea seems to say…

Azalea took to Twitter to announce the news, amongst several other quirky things. We rarely hear from Azalea herself nowadays, ever since her team took over her social media accounts because she was becoming too embroiled in twitter feuds, going on questionable rants, and generally using social media as a platform to air out her frustrations with others (like her distrust with a Papa John’s pizza delivery guy).

Here are 8 things we learned from Azalea’s recent Twitter takeover.

1. With the help of her friend Brock Fetch, Azalea is making a book of behind-the-scenes photos from her tour (which is no longer even happening):

2. She loves candid photos, and that’s why she’s bringing a BTS photo book into the world for her fans:

3. “Iggy Azalea” on the internet is different from “Iggy Azalea” IRL:

4. She recently got a fish, and is obsessed with said fish:

5. She recently got a laser skin peel, just FYI:

This is Aaron Eckhart as Two Face in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight (2008), FYI:

Aaron Eckhart, The Dark Knight, Batman, Two Face, Harvey Dent


6. Oh yeah, she then tweets that her fish’s name is Timothy.

7. She is really thankful for her “man” and fiancée, Nick Young:

8. Lastly, she’s super appreciative of all the fans who’ve stuck by her side through thick and thin, when the “cool” thing to do is “hate” on her.

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