Jennifer Aniston Admits ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ Is Her ‘Guilty Pleasure’

A-list celebrity, top Hollywood actress and total icon Jennifer Aniston is just like us… She’s obsessed with Keeping Up With the Kardashians, too!

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In an interview with People magazine, Aniston confessed the reality show is one of her favorite past times.

“I sadly am very much interested in the Kardashian-Jenner thing,” she said. “That’s a guilty pleasure for sure.”

As a big fan, Aniston is well aware of Caitlyn Jenner’s transition and couldn’t help but share her opinion about her Vanity Fair cover: “I thought it was beautiful,” she beamed.

But while the 46-year-old may be keeping up with the family on TV, she definitely isn’t doing so on social media. Aniston is adamant about staying off Twitter and Instagram. In fact, when she took over the Instagram account of her beauty company Living Proof last month for a day, it cemented why she’ll continue to avoid it.

“I was so stressed out, sweating bullets,” she confessed. “It was too much pressure. For these Kardashians, it’s a career!”

However, the actress says that while some people have indeed made careers out of social media, she’s worried for how it will affect younger generations.

“Kids aren’t speaking to each other anymore,” Aniston said. “I was with friends of ours from Vermont and their two kids don’t have an iPhone or an iPad. They were 9 and 12 and were the most interesting young adults. Seeing other kids on their [phones] all the time, it makes me sad.”