Kelly Rowland’s Tendrils Travel Through Time in a Tribute to Iconic Females

Kelly Rowland is the child of our idealized destinies, embodying a powerful woman from the inside out. Thus, when Mane Addicts decided to transform her into four iconic females of pop culture past via tresses, the results were borderline insane.

The online destination for all things hair began by giving Rowland long tendrils inspired by Diana Ross in the 1980’s.


Photo Courtesy: Mane Addicts/CBD Magazine

Kim Kimble, the hair stylist on set, reached into her past for mane inspiration. “There’s one album cover I had that wasn’t her typical tight curl,” explains Kimble. “It was more like a loose, messy, lion’s mane.”

The second look was an homage to Sade with a twisted braid sleeker than the smoothest of operators.


Photo Courtesy: Mane Addicts/The Huffington Post

“Pulled back is easy,” preaches Kimble on the accessibility of Rowland’s ‘do. “Just slick the hair back and use some hairspray. Then we add hair to make the pony ultra long by twisting into her own hair.”

The third was a portrait of Bianca Jagger, former wife of classic rocker Mick Jagger. A pill box hat atop loose, bouncy curls radiated the timeless essence of the celebrated humanitarian.


Photo Courtesy: Mane Addicts/Pinterest

Rowland traded her modest veil for wild curls influenced by those of supermodel Farida Khelfa Goude. Her hair was tightly wound around a thin curling iron, separated with product, and then tucked around the temples. The makeup artist, Rokael Lizama, applied Lady Danger lipstick by MAC as a bold facial statement.


Photo Courtesy: The Red List

Rowland’s secret to maintaining a gorgeous head of hair is wrapping it up in a silk scarf. “It keeps my hair smooth when I’m sleeping,” the singer shared. “I also always use a good hair mask.”

Duly noted.

Go inside of the mane attraction with this video from set!

Lead Photo Courtesy of Mane Addicts.