Nick Jonas Saves the Day, Replaces Iggy Azalea at Pittsburgh’s Gay Pride Parade

Continuing Iggy Azalea’s series of unfortunate events, concert crusader and her former opening act Nick Jonas is stepping up to save Pittsburgh’s Gay Pride Parade this weekend.

The parade was previously under threat by Azalea and the allegations that she’d made homophobic remarks in the past, until she announced she was dropping out on Tuesday (June 9, 2015).

Entertainment Weekly reports Jonas actually called the parade’s organizers, the Delta Foundation, and offered to perform. He said in a statement:

When I heard about the difficult position Pittsburgh Pride was in just days before their event, I knew I had to find a way to help. I’m excited to do what I can to support the LGBT community in Pittsburgh, and I look forward to seeing you this Saturday as we celebrate together.

Ironically, Jonas was supposed to be one of Azalea’s opening acts in her The Great Escape tour before she decided to postpone it back in March. He (and Tinashe, her other opening act) had to drop out of the tour because pushing back the tour dates didn’t work with his schedule.

As we know now, finding replacement opening acts for her rescheduled tour dates became a huge problem for Azalea, and ultimately was part of the reason why she decided to scrap The Great Escape tour altogether in May.

Jonas is not only well-known and beloved in the LGBT community, but he’s also a pop performer who, within the last year or so, has achieved the status of a verified sex symbol.

In addition to playing a gay martial artist in the DirectTV show Kingdom, Jonas did an amazing amount of press at gay clubs in New York City (like that time he stripteased and showed off his abs). And let’s not forget about his infamous spread in Flaunt magazine…

In other words, Jonas offers something for everyone.

While Azalea once upon a time made homophobic remarks, prompting several groups to boycott the Pittsburgh Pride Parade in protest of her headlining the event, Jonas has openly proclaimed his love for his gay fans on multiple occasions.

On being something of a new gay icon, Jonas told Rolling Stone earlier this year,

I don’t know if I’d necessarily call myself a gay icon. But my goal in the last year was to expand and grow as a person and an artist, and embracing my gay fans was a priority. Some of my gay friends have thanked me for that, and that’s a really good feeling.

Well, here’s to the lucky fans who get to look forward to Jonas’ performance at the Pittsburgh Pride Parade this year!