This (Male) Britney Spears Look-Alike Earned Half a Million Dollars Impersonating Her

In today’s WTF news: Do you look like a pop star or celebrity? Did you know impersonating them could turn into a lucrative career?

Well, as it turns out, for one dude, impersonating Britney Spears on the daily has allowed him to rake in half a million dollars.

Derrick Barry dressed up as Spears for Halloween one year and never looked back. It’s pretty impressive, not only because he’s made $500,000 doing this gig (like seriously, what?), but also because he’s never had plastic surgery.

Seriously; Britney IS in the house.

Barry, who’s also super good looking when he’s not impersonating Spears, appeared on The Morning to talk about his transformation into his idol.

After that fateful Halloween, his family and friends encouraged him to be Britney for a living. It’s since allowed him to travel the world, appear on America’s Got Talent, and even have his own Las Vegas show.

Now, let’s do a double take.

This boot was made for walkin

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He looks super good as Britney Spears. That is all.

I mean, talk about “good genes.”

May I introduce to you #Elma for @intimatebritneyspears, the first pieces of many in the SS15 collection. Coming soon!

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[h/t Complex]