‘Jurassic World’ Set to Break Records With $180 Million Debut

Jurassic World is leaving a major dinosaur footprint at the box office.

The highly anticipated summer blockbuster smashed the box office competition on Friday (June 12, 2015) with a massive $83 million. It’s well on way to a record-breaking $180 million in its opening weekend.

Chris Pratt and his man-eating lizards have already broken records, giving Universal’s its biggest opening day ever. It is even expected to top Furious 7 to give the studio its biggest debut weekend of all time.

The film’s star has some kind words for fans on Facebook.

On behalf of everyone involved in the making of ‪Jurassic World‬, and believe me there are thousands of us, I want to say thank you. It feels so wonderful to hear the overwhelmingly positive response. We are incredibly blessed and overcome with joy at the outcome of the movie and couldn’t be more appreciative for the amazing support you’ve shown so far. This is bigger than all of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Stay tuned for the official numbers by the end of the weekend. But we gotta ask: Are you going to watch Jurassic World at the movies?