‘A Deadly Adoption’ Full Trailer: Will Ferrell Has a Wandering Eye

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More info on Wiig and Ferrell's Lifetime project.

Feast your eyes on Will Ferrell, his beard, and his wandering eye in the brand new extended trailer for his upcoming Lifetime movie, A Deadly Adoption.

Released Monday (June 15, 2015), the minute-long preview gives a more thorough background on the drama, which stars Kristen Wiig as Ferrell’s on-screen wife and Jessica Lowndes as the pregnant woman they take into their home. There’s talk about them adopting her unborn child. She tries to seduce the husband (in the food pantry!). Dramatic one-liners are dropped. All in all, good campy fun.

A Deadly Adoption airs on Lifetime this Saturday (June 20), which also happens to be the 25th anniversary of the Lifetime movie franchise you know so well and love so much.

Watch the full trailer, above. (And last week’s teaser, here).