Perrie Edwards on Marrying Zayn Malik: ‘I’ll Get Married When I’m Bloody Ready!’

Everyone is anxious to know when Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik will be tying the knot (or rather, if they already secretly have…).

But if she had things her way, no one would ever ask her when she’s getting married at all ever again.

The Little Mix gal played a round of “5 Questions” with the UK’s Capital FM, in which she was asked, “What is the one question you never want to be asked again, and why?” Edwards jokingly revealed (after a cute flub saying “I’m sick of getting married…”), “I’m sick of getting asked, ‘When is the wedding…?’ I’ll get married when I’m bloody ready!”

Edwards recently fueled rumors that she and the former One Direction singer were already married when she referred to herself as “Perrie Malik” in an Instagram video posted to the Little Mix Instagram account.

Road Trip Bantz #BlackMagicRadioTour

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And a couple months prior, it was (falsely) speculated that Malik and Edwards were already married based upon a couple of eyebrow-raising Facebook statuses made by one of Edwards’ BFF’s.

Nevertheless, thankfully we can all still look forward to the Zerrie nuptials and rest assured, they haven’t happened yet!

See Edwards’ answers to the following questions in the video above!

1. How would you describe your perfect date?

2. Who is your favorite member of the band?

3. What is the one question you never want to be asked again, and why?

4. What’s your favorite song on the radio at the moment and can you sing a little bit of it.

5. Can you whistle?