Did Hailey Baldwin Just Confirm She’s Dating Justin Bieber? See Her Deleted Tweet

Hailey Baldwin took to Twitter to respond to those Justin Bieber dating rumors.

On Monday (June 15, 2015), photos surfaced of 18-year-old Baldwin and 21-year-old Bieber getting close while on vacation in Miami together.

Naturally, when those pics appeared online, everyone thought it was a confirmation that they were dating.

One person on Twitter wrote, “he’s always f**king other girls but if you want to have no self respect do you boo @haileybaldwin”

Baldwin saw this tweet and decided to respond by saying, “@tidebiebers I have nothing but respect for myself what I chose to do in my personal life is my business!”

The tweet has since been deleted, but one Twitter user was able to get a screenshot of the conversation.

So, is this a confirmation that they’re dating? Not exactly. But, she didn’t deny that they were together either. We’ll just have to keep waiting until we see more photos!

Do you think they’re together?