Zayn Malik May Not Be Able to Release New Music for the Next 2 Years

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Apparently, Zayn Malik’s new solo career isn’t going so well.

Just months after leaving One Direction, the singer has allegedly hit a bump in the road as rumors circulate that his new music is being held hostage and won’t be released in the next two years.

The allegations first started with British rapper Mic Righteous a shared cover Rae Sremmurd’s “No Type” performed by Malik and himself. Soon after the song it the internet, Malik’s producer Naughty Boy, who is more known for starting up Twitter wars these days, started throwing out accusations that the supposedly unfinished track was stolen from his computer and that Malik was not involved on the leaked track.

Mic Righteous then wrote a series of lengthy Facebook posts defending himself, claiming that Malik wanted to the song to be made public but that his label has forbidden him to debut new music. Mic Righteous also insisted that Naughty Boy was the one who informed him about Malik’s problem and that the producer was in the studio when Malik was recording the track, suggesting that NB is lying about his lack of association with the cover.

Claiming that he uploaded the song on Malik’s behalf, Mic Righteous wrote:

The rapper also attacked Naughty Boy on Twitter, writing:

Hmmm, so was Louis Tomlinson right about Naughty Boy all along?

Previously, Malik’s first solo single, titled “I Won’t Mind,” made its rounds online just less than a week after his departure from One Direction.