Madonna’s New Music Video Has All Your Faves Saying ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’

"Bitch I’m Madonna"
Be still, fellow Rebel Hearts.

After a few setbacks, Madonna’s star-studded music video for “Bitch I’m Madonna” has been released.

While many would liken the video to Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” given the sheer number of celebrity cameos, “Bitch I’m Madonna” is disappointingly a little more like game of Where’s Waldo at a frat house and someone’s “cool mom” is trying to hit on her kids’ friends. (In other words, blink and you’ll miss half of the celebrities — including Beyonce, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj — that are supposedly in this music video.)

“Bitch I’m Madonna” debuted exclusively on Tidal Wednesday after it was delayed from its Tuesday release. At the time, Madonna shared a photo of the lineup that would appear in the video, writing, “Just tryin to make it perfect for all of you. We are hard werking bitches!”

For those who don’t have Tidal, you can watch a teaser clip — below.