‘Pretty Little Liars’ Episode ‘Songs of Experience’ Recap: Who Is Charles?

What happened on Pretty Little Liars last night? Check out our “Songs of Experience” episode recap below!


On last week’s episode, we learned a little bit more about what happened to the PLLs in the dollhouse. We also started to question whether on not Andrew Campbell was actually Charles.

This week, we started to uncover more secrets. Like that Charles is really Charlie.

Spencer (Troian Bellisario) talks to Jason DiLaurentes (Drew Van Acker) about Charles. He tells her that Charles doesn’t exist, but Charlie was his imaginary friend when he was younger. Charlie “went away” after Jason’s dad told him he had to leave.

When the PLLs hear about this, they go looking for proof that Charlie actually does exist, and that he’s not imaginary. That’s when Aria (Lucy Hale) finds a photo of Charlie, which shows that he is real.

The episode ends with Allison DiLaurentes (Sasha Pieterse) and Jason confronting their dad about Charlie.


Did you miss the season 6 premiere episode? Find out what happened in the video below: