Selena Gomez Proves Hollywood’s Sexist Standards for Women

A lot of people are very angry over Selena Gomez’s sexy, red outfit from earlier this week, but it’s not about what you may think.

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The gorgeous 22-year-old donned a stunning, red two-piece ensemble by Katie Ermilio at the Hotel Transylvania 2 photo call on Monday, looking classic and beautiful — not to mention appropriate, considering the appearance is part of her job.

Her male co-stars, on the other hand… not so much.

You see, it wasn’t SelGo’s bare shoulders or high slit that aroused people but rather Adam Sandler’s and Kevin James’ lack of appropriate attire while standing next to her.

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While it’s revolting that James decided to wear shorts, a hat and tennis shoes to the photo call, Sandler’s outfit was ten-times more infuriating: sweatpants.

SWEATPANTS, for goodness sakes!

Look, we get it: guys don’t like dressing up for anything. But what if Gomez had showed up in a pair of sweatpants? Answer: the world would go nuts. The tabloids would accuse her of who knows what, and the internet would make fun of her for days.

And such is the problem here in Hollywood.

These two, 40-something men look like they just rolled out of bed for the photo call, while Gomez looks beautiful but uncomfortable, knowing she appears overdressed next to the slobs on either side of her. And yet if she’d stepped down to their level, wearing shorts and tennis shoes, she would have been picked apart on Worst Dressed lists and ridiculed by the media — maybe not even let into the event at all, similar to the controversial rules set at the Cannes Film Festival this year.

So here’s the thing: fans are speaking out and we’re speaking up because the impossibly high standard for women to look perfect at all times is ridiculous. While people spend time criticizing women for not looking good enough, we’re not focusing on what’s really important: that these standards are wrong, sexist and unequal on all levels.

Thus, we’re turning the tables: Sandler and James make our cut for worst dressed this week, and SelGo… You fucking go, girl — don’t feel uncomfortable because two grown-ass men weren’t expected to at least put on a pair of jeans and an ironed shirt for their job, let alone out of, oh I don’t know, respect?

So the next time a woman steps out in sweatpants, let’s remember this little incident before tearing her apart.