WATCH: Rachel Dolezal Cries, Identifies with Caitlyn Jenner on the ‘Today Show’

Rachel Dolezal, the former NAACP leader causing a stir about her misrepresented ethnicity, joined Savannah Guthrie on the Today Show to follow-up on her breakout interview with Matt Lauer.

The human rights activist affirmed to Guthrie, “I am definitely not white” as photos representative of Dolezal as a Caucasian female flashed into frame. She confesses to experimenting with her hair and skin colors, but denies any use of skin dyes or Melatonin injections.


Dolezal dismissed paradoxes of her past as “creative non-fiction”, trading claims of being in born in a teepee for origin story oblivion, and shook off rumors about her parents using baboon whips from South Africa to abuse her.

As it turns out, Dolezal has never been to South Africa.

The former professor told Today that she finds solace in Caitlyn Jenner, a companion in the publicized personal identity struggle. Dolezal melted into tears as she described her experience reading Jenner’s Vanity Fair article:

“I cried because I resonated with some of the themes of isolation, being misunderstood.”

Watch Rachel Dolezal’s full Today Show interview with Savannah Guthrie in the video featured above.