Deep Thoughts With Diplo: Why Isn’t Madonna ‘Allowed to Be Sexy But Caitlyn Jenner Is?’

Diplo vs. Taylor Swift
Diplo loves waging wars with famous people on Twitter.

Wow Diplo. Such thinking. Much deep. So truths.

Earlier today, your favorite Twitter troll and ours, Diplo, shared with his followers the kind of thought suitable for a Thought Catalog article submitted by an ambitious high schooler. That tweet:

Obviously, because he is a troll, Diplo immediately deleted the tweet, knowing full well screenshots of his important question would continue to circulate and accumulate headlines.

What exactly is Diplo questioning, though? We may never know the truth for certain — tough questions often don’t come with easy answers — but, likely, he is referring to the reception for Madonna’s “Bitch I’m Madonna” video, in which he features. (He also produced the song. Diplo has a horse in this race, lest you forget.) The video, which premiered yesterday, features Madonna and a whole host of her famous “friends” prancing around The Standard hotel in New York City. Upon viewing, most people’s initial reaction wasn’t, “This is great!” Because, in all truth, the video is not great. It is actually laughably terrible. But it is not laughably terrible because Madonna is too old to be sexy, which seems to be the point Diplo is trying to make. It is laughably terrible because the much-hyped celebrity cameos are all phoned in. (Literally: most of them appear to have Skyped into the shoot.) It is laughably terrible because the choreography is basic and uninspired. It is laughably terrible because white people wearing grills always look laughably terrible. There are many reasons why the video is not good, and honestly, Madonna’s age is not one of them.

Why Diplo made the leap from Madonna’s tragic video to Caitlyn Jenner is unclear. Other than the fact that it’s controversial. You know what, actually? That’s that sorted. All’s clear now. And thus he wondered aloud: “I’m confused that Madonna not allowed to be sexy but Caitlyn Jenner is?” Let us clear up your confusion, Diplo: Both Madonna and Jenner are “allowed” to be sexy, but only one of them is producing four-minute, cotton candy vomit-tinted nightmares that look like scenes from late-era Absolutely Fabulous episodes:


Watch “Bitch I’m Madonna” below if you would like to understand why no one likes it.