Lamar Odom’s Best Friend Jamie Sangouthai’s Cause of Death Revealed

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Jamie Sangouthai
CREDIT: Instagram

Jamie Sangouthai, Lamar Odom‘s best friend, passed away on Sunday, (June 14, 2015). His cause of death has now been revealed.

While there was much speculation about how Sangouthai passed away, we’ve learned that while his death was drug related, it wasn’t an overdose.

TMZ is reporting that Sangouthai died from a “flesh-eating disease caused by dirty needles.” The Los Angeles County Coroner says it was necrotizing fasciitis, a bacterial skin infection, and intravenous narcotism, IV drug abuse.

It’s also being reported that Sangouthai went to the hospital to get treated for an infection in his arm, but, according to the coroner, “the disease spreads quickly and often becomes life-threatening.”

On Sunday, Sangouthai passed away in a Los Angeles hospital. Shortly reports started surfacing, Odom’s estranged wife Khloé Kardashian took to Twitter and confirmed the news.