Chris Pratt Wishes We Would Objectify Men as Much as We Objectify Women

Standing ovation for Chris Pratt right now.

Not only is Pratt Hollywood’s funniest (and sexiest) leading man right now, he’s totally in the right when it comes to reforming the sexist, contrived standards that exist in the media.

Pratt admitted that his slimmer appearance and change in physique played a “huge part” in allowing him to get those leading acting roles, all thanks to something called “objectification,” y’all.

Yahoo UK reports that during an interview with Radio 4’s Front Row, Pratt said, “It was a huge part of how my career has shifted is based on the way that I look, on the way that I’ve shaped my body to look.”

On this kind of objectification, Pratt expressed, “I think it’s OK, I don’t feel appalled by it.”

That being said, he challenges the way that women are objectified but men are not. “I think it’s appalling that for a long time only women were objectified, but I think if we really want to advocate for equality, it’s important to even things out,” he said. “Not objectify women less, but objectify men just as often as we objectify women.”

Nevertheless, having a fit, ripped bod has its perks. “There are a lot of women who got careers out of it, and I’m using it to my advantage. And at the end of the day, our bodies are objects. We’re just big bags of flesh and blood and meat and organs that God gives us to drive around.”

Recently, it was revealed that Jennifer Lawrence could potentially be making $8 million more than Pratt in their next film, Passengers. So, we guess it’s a start in terms of closing the wage gap, at least?