Gabrielle Union Talks Family, Career & Kerry Washington

Gabrielle Union is flawless. She’s a business woman, an actress, a newlywed, and one of the most gorgeous women in the world.

In Aug. 2014, Union married her longtime love, Miami Heat basketball star Dwyane Wade. With the marriage, Union became a parent to Wade’s children, which is why family means so much to her.

The idea of celebrating family is one of the reasons Union partnered with Tylenol to launch the #HowWeFamily campaign, which is about celebrating families all over the world. We had the opportunity to talk to Union about this campaign, family life and her dream of working with Kerry Washington! We hope you’re reading this, Shonda Rhimes!


“I wanted to get involved because it’s a campaign I can truly get behind, because it’s about the celebration and inclusion of all kinds of families,” Union told us. “You know the idea that no matter what incarnation your family comes in that you’re good enough, you’re validated, you’re worthy, just because you are.”

This is a campaign that’s definitely close to Union’s heart. She explained, “I now have a blended family, and I come from a very large family that was all about inclusion, and I jumped at the chance to be a part of this campaign that celebrates all different kinds of families.”

How can you get involved with this campaign? “If you go on and use the hashtag #HowWeFamily you too can actually participate in the campaign,” Union explained. “You can see my family’s video, you can a bunch of other families, and you can also participate and show your family pride by using #HowWeFamily and you can post your own family.”

Then this Sept., the #HowWeFamily program will culminate in the release of a docu-short which will feature stories from families across the country, in addition to a donation to the Children’s Health Fund.

In addition to be a businesswoman, a wife and a mother, Union is also a very successful actress. She just wrapped a new season of BET’s Being Mary Jane, completed filming the movie The Birth of a Nation, and she’s about start filming Sleepless Night with Jamie Foxx.

Plus, she also has her eye on a role on Scandal!. When asked which actor or actress she would like to work with in the future, Union told us, “I would love to work with some of my friends that I haven’t had a chance to work with, like Kerry Washington.” Yes! When we told Union she had to join Scandal, she came up with the best storyline. “[Olivia Pope] has a secret sister that pops out of nowhere.” Perfect!

Union told us she would also love to work with Lee Daniels, Denzel Washington and Lenny Kravitz.

Union and Wade are so busy, so how do they balance family life and their careers? “For the most part we try to like, one of us is home at any given time,” Union told us. “I tend to work more in the summer, like late spring into summer where the kids are almost already out of school.”

Unfortunately, the Miami Heat didn’t make the playoffs this year. But, it did give Wade more time to be at home with the kids!

Watch Union’s husband talk about their wedding in the video below: