Spider-Man Can Only Be White and Straight, Says Leaked Sony Emails

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Those hoping that the next Spider-Man reboot will feature a black or gay superhero will be sorely disappointed.

As Sony Pictures Entertainment and Marvel continue their search for their third — yes, third — Spider-Man for yet another live-action movie, the latest leaked emails in the Sony hacking reveal that the fictional masked vigilante must be a straight white male.

In a legal licensing agreement between Sony and Marvel that’s been circulating online, the mandatory and forbidden traits of Spider-Man and his civilian alter ego, Peter Parker, are listed as such:

The agreement is said to have been put into effect starting September 2011.

In 2010, many fans rallied behind Donald Glover to be cast as the new Spider-Man, a role that ultimately went to Andrew Garfield. Glover eventually went on to do voice acting on Ultimate Spider-Man, playing a black-latino character named Miles Morales from the comic book who also dons on the Spidey suit.

So even though we’ve already seen a person of color be Spider-Man in the comic books, we can’t necessarily have a person of color play Spider-Man in the movies.

What’s next, Hollywood? A white girl named Alison Ng?