Instant Follow Friday: Taylor Schilling Leaves ‘Orange’ Jumpsuit Behind, Hits Big Screen in ‘Overnight’

The Newest 'Orange Is the New Black' Cutie, Ruby Rose
Never has a prison jumpsuit looked so good on anyone.

This is Taylor Schilling’s summer, and we’re just living (or tanning, maybe both) in it.

Schilling, who we know and love as Piper Chapman from Orange Is the New Black, is starring in The Overnight, a Sundance-favorite raunchy sex comedy which is poised to be the must-see NSFW hit of the summer.

With Season 3 of her hit Netflix show premiering last week and now a new comedy hitting the big screens today, it’ll be great to see Schilling out of her orange or tan prison jumpsuit. Thus, in honor of her selfies with her BFF cast members on OITNB and the fact that she’s killin’ summer, Schilling is this week’s Instant Follow Friday.

Schilling is one of the lucky ladies who stars on OITNB and gets to hang out with everyone on the daily, making anyone who’s a fan of the drama set behind bars super jealous of their female friendships.

Like, come on:

Maybe my favorite pic of the bday bash…. @whododatlikedat @sheisdash @nlyonne

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OITNB gets real this season, giving more depth and padding to each character (without the exciting presence of some kind of villain or another, unlike in Season 1 or 2). That being said, everyone and their mother has already binge-watched Season 3, meaning one more whole year until a new season to binge-watch is in our midst…

In the meanwhile, at least we live in a world where Hollywood exists, and we can see our favorite actors/actresses in other projects, as with Schilling in The Overnight. 

In The Overnight, Schilling stars alongside Parks and Recreation alum Adam Scott, the beloved Jason Schwartzman and Judith Godrèche, making for an all-around vibrant cast. Things get awkward (yet illuminating?) when a casual dinner party with the kids turns into something crazier after the kids are put to bed, in what Schwarzman refers to as “parental bliss”.

In a general sense, The Overnight is an introspection on modern social and personal relationships, and exploring the kinds of spontaneity that can happen in suburbia (in this case, we’re in hip LA). And judging from the trailer, the movie will be far from boring.

So get ready to laugh, or cringe, or whatever emotion is summoned from awkwardness because The Overnight comes out in theaters today!

Follow Taylor Schilling on Instagram @tayjschilling and on Twitter @tayschilling, and check out her OITNB selfies with co-stars like Laura Prepon (Alex Vause), Uzo Aduba (Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren), Danielle Brooks (Tasha “Taystee” Jefferson), Jackie Cruz (Flaca Gonzales) and many more in the gallery above.

The Overnight is just one of 20 movies coming out in June! See the full list here.