These Throwback Hilary Duff Vines Will Bring All of The Nostalgia

Hilary Duff. Laguna Beach. Homemade music videos.

Is it 2006 again, or are we just dreaming?

The millennial pop icon made an appearance on MTV’s Vine account to Dubsmash her Laguna Beach theme song, “Come Clean”.


Duff kept the throwbacks coming when she reenacted the most prolific auto moment of our generation.


But it didn’t stop there! Do you recall this affair?


Fortunately, Duff did not Dubsmash Kristin Cavallari’s disastrous vacation in Cabo.


GIF Credit: ohnotheydidnt!

No, no! Make it stop!

“Come Clean” was brought into existence twelve years ago on Duff’s second studio album, Metamorphosis. The serial Tinder user just released her fifth album in April, Breathe In, Breathe Out.

Are we dating ourselves?