Justin Bieber and Ruby Rose Make Their Friendship Official: See the Pics

The Newest 'Orange Is the New Black' Cutie, Ruby Rose
Never has a prison jumpsuit looked so good on anyone.

Separated at birth? Justin Bieber and Ruby Rose are #twinning in the photos they took over the weekend.

At the end of a week in which half the internet fell in love with the Orange Is the New Black star, it seems like Bieber is her biggest fan.

The two met up at Encore Beach Club in Las Vegas and posed for selfies together, proving that they aren’t actually the same person.

Their meet and greet comes just a day after Bieber tried to strike up an online friendship with Rose. The singer and OITNB hottie exchanged a series of tweets, after Bieber shared an old photo of Rose sitting at a piano covered in paper plates featuring his face.

The pair shared photos of their encounter on Instagram. They were even dressed alike.

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On Twitter, Rose wrote, “So this happened.. @justinbieber haha my brother,” and included a link to a now deleted pic (seen below).

Justin Bieber and Ruby Rose Pose for Selfies
CREDIT: Instagram

There’s no denying that these two look-alike, but he real question is: who can pick up more girls? We’re betting on Ruby Rose.