The Famous Helen Keller Has Nothing On These “Bellacourt Beauties”

The hottest sisters we know from our favorite turn-of-the-century family in Newport, Rhode Island, Lillian and Beatrice Bellacourt, will be making BIG headlines in the coming months as they work their way up in social hierarchy—we couldn’t be more excited for them! We anticipate hot new trends from these two style icons—but rest assured, you will NEVER see them in pants, aka. “butt dresses.” Definitely not.

Yes – the Claudette sisters may have passed away at an unfortunately young age from tuberculosis (a tragedy, we know…) BUT it means the chances of our “Bellacourt beauties” being initiated into The Newport 400—the four hundred most important white people in America—are looking VERY good. It will just be a matter of winning the heart of the Great Marquis de Sainsbury. Call him the Anna Wintour of high society and class, if you will. He’s the totally hot authority who decides “who’s who” in society (*swooon*).

On the night the Bellacourts have the Marquis de Sainsbury over for dinner, the always-jealous Hortense (the homely counterpart of the Bellacourt sisters) stirs big drama by inviting the world famous Helen Keller over on the same night. It’s true she’s blind, can’t hear, is a scholar and an American legend, but we wouldn’t take her advise on the art of seduction, how to dress to impress, or how to treat your servants like they don’t matter…The spotlight may be divided, but we feel confident in our girls Lillian and Beatrice, the original ballers that they are.

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