WATCH: And Now, a Time-Lapse of 16 Years of ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’

Having a tough time dealing with the eventual end of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart? YouTube extraordinaire Billy Chasen has done you a solid.

At some point in his life, Chasen decided a time-lapse dedication to Jon Stewart and his show’s 16-year run on Comedy Central was the best way to say goodbye.

Somehow, Chasen managed to fit everything from 1999 to basically now inside a 2-minute spectacle.

Good work, Billy Chasen. Brilliant work, Jon Stewart. (And Jon Stewart’s hair).

Watch the time-lapse, above. Then check out the Daily Show’s own tribute, aptly titled “A Picture of Virility,” from last night’s episode.

Stewart’s last Daily Show episode airs Aug. 6, 2015. Trevor Noah will take over as host on Sept. 28.