Kendall Jenner Eats Pizza, Reveals She Hasn’t ‘Worked Out in a Month’

Gasp! Model Kendall Jenner just revealed she “hasn’t worked out in a month.” 


Some models are really strict with their diet and workout regimen, but not 19-year-old Jenner. In a new interview with People, Jenner revealed that she hasn’t been on her workout game lately. “I haven’t worked out in a month,” Jenner told the magazine (via DM). “I’ve been too busy. I live on a plane.”

Jenner is constantly working and flying to places on a daily basis, which makes it hard to balance her professional and personal life. “I’m really trying to balance work, family and friends,” she revealed. “The other day I was supposed to have a fitting, and I moved it back and hour so I could take a nap.”

The model went on to add, “‘If I worked too much, I would not be a happy person.”

Jenner took some time off from traveling this past weekend and got to spent a couple of days with her family in Los Angeles. She was spotted grabbing yogurt with sister Kylie Jenner, and then she went off-roading with Caitlyn Jenner and the rest of her family for Father’s Day.

Then on Tuesday (June 23, 2015), Jenner was spotted eating pizza with sister Khloé Kardashian.

If she can eat pizza, not workout and have that body that she does, she is obviously #blessed with a good metabolism.

Just look at her body!

When it comes to her beauty routine though, Jenner admits she’s a perfectionist. The face of Estée Lauder’s Modern Muse Le Rouge scent told People, “I used to be like, ‘Do whatever you want, I don’t care.’ But recently I’ve gotten into it. I’m a perfectionist. If someone is doing my eyeliner, it has to be exactly the same on both sides, super-straight. If there’s a tiny little bump, it has to be fixed. Our family makeup artists are scared of me sometimes!”