WATCH: The New One Direction Fragrance Is Brought to You By Niall Horan’s Golden Tears

One Direction’s latest fragrance is made of only the finest things in life.

There’s freesia from the highest of the mountains (thanks Harry Styles), amber from the ocean (thanks Liam Payne), an organic apricot from space (thanks Louis Tomlinson), and last but certainly not least, Niall Horan’s tears.

That’s right, according to 1D and their new fragrance commercial, each bottle of Between Us contains at least one single tear from the eyeballs of the 21-year-old pop star. (Some bottles may or may not also contain onion juice, because Niall doesn’t cry in any other situation, as the ad suggests).

Starting at a cool £21 (that’s around $33 USD) per bottle, Between Us is the follow up to the group’s other fragrances (including You & I and Our Moment) that have been gathering dust on tweens’ nightstands around the world. Between Us is also the first fragrance to not feature former 1D member, Zayn Malik. (He probably has better things to do, fragrance wise, anyway).

In all seriousness, as noted on the official One Direction Fragrance site (yes, one exists), Between Us also promises notes of solar jasmine flowers, patchouli, vanilla and candied sugar.

Sounds scrumptious.

Watch the new commercial, above.