Ruby Rose Wants to Be Best Friends with Taylor Swift: ‘I’m Obsessed’

Attention Taylor Swift: We’ve found your new best friend, Ruby Rose

The Orange Is the New Black star is everywhere these days. Rose’s star is on the rise, and everyone wants to be friends with her, even Justin Bieber!

But, there’s one person that Rose wants to be friends with, Swift. In a Twitter Q&A last week, Rose admitted that she has a celeb crush on Swift.

Rose, who is engaged to British fashion designer Phoebe Dahl, was asked who her celeb crush is. She answered that Dahl has a crush on Kristen Stewart while Rose herself has a crush on Swift.

Just one day later, Swift started following Rose on Twitter.

Swift clearly wants to be friends too!

Rose even talked about her crush on Swift with People. She revealed, “People get so surprised when I say this and I don’t know why, but I have such a girl crush on Taylor Swift. I’m obsessed. I just want to be friends with her, like best friends forever. At photo shoots they always ask what music I want and they think I’m going to say Aerosmith or Metallica, but I’m always like, ‘Can I get a little bit of Tay Tay? 1989, please.'”

That’s awesome. We need these ladies to take a pic together ASAP. Swift totally needs to add Rose to her squad!