Gigi Hadid Plays Character Inspired by Taylor Swift in Calvin Harris’ New Music Video

Gigi Hadid looks HOT on set of Calvin Harris’ new music video… But Taylor Swift need not worry!

Highest Paid Couple
Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are the highest earning celebrity couple.

The budding supermodel is tapped to play the leading lady for the “How Deep Is Your Love” music, who happens to be a character influenced by T. Swift.

A source tells Us Weekly,”The lead girl [in the video] was inspired by Taylor, and Gigi is playing the lead.”

With Hadid wearing a seriously promiscuous outfit (nothing we’d ever see Swift in), we can’t help but wonder what kind of trouble she’ll be getting into.

“The video follows the lead girl around as she goes in and out of different realms — a tripped-out lair with mushrooms on the wall, a posh Miami pool party, and a yacht party,” the insider shared.”There was a lab set up in a garage yesterday where they filmed Gigi lying down on the table like Frankenstein. It was sort of a mad scientist laboratory, with beakers set up with different potions.”

It’s obvious to us why Hadid would be picked to play this role, considering her close friendship with Swift, but the supermodel also made it a point to prove her maturity in her career.

“When she walked out onto the set, she had an entourage of 15 to 20 people trailing her, but she never gave off the vibe of being high maintenance. Some people joked, ‘Give her another year!’ But she was very professional, very seasoned,” the source continued telling Us. “She would dance a little crazier when they yelled cut, but snapped right back into professional mode.”

Can’t wait to see the video!