Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner Accused of ALS Wives Snub

The Kim Kardashian Ice Bucket Challenge Video
The world finally got to see Kim Kardashian take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner encountered the wives of the founders of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in Cannes, France on Wednesday (Jun. 23, 2015), and depending on who you talked to, things may not have gone as well as planned.

The women, Jenn Quinn, wife of Yonkers native Pat Quinn, and Julie Frates, wife of Boston’s Pat Frates, met the Kardashian women in the Celine store in Cannes on Wednesday. Jenn and Julie were the only ones in the store when Kris and Kim breezed in.

“We introduce ourselves and talk about our inspiring husbands. Kris responded with, ‘Oh fun’ and declined taking a picture with us!” Jenn posted on her Facebook page on Wednesday.

“We even explained that our husbands have ALS and nothing. We just wanted a picture. We were in shock by the lack of caring and engagement.”

But an eyewitness who was with Kardashian say the she was bombarded by woman who were knocking on her change room door while she was naked.

When she finally exited, her mother was talking to a few ladies who were saying they were enjoying their time in Cannes, when Jenner replied, “Oh fun”.

And as for denying a picture, the eyewitness says none of the woman asked.

Frates tells Us Weekly exclusively they simply wanted to introduce themselves and thank Kardashian for her involvement.

“I understand that they get bombarded by paparazzi and fans, it’s not a pleasant scenario,” Frates told Us of attempting to converse with Jenner, 59, and Kardashian, 34, at the Celine store. “That being said, we were in a very calm environment. I’m a young woman and I approached Kris and told her I just wanted to introduce myself….Maybe they’re so used to people coming on to them too strong and that’s why she immediately shut us down. We were probably a little misunderstood, but it is what it is.”

Gossip Cop reports that many more people entered the store, and security wanted to usher Kardashian and Jenner out in order to control the crowd. Jenner, however, attempted to unite Kardashian and the women for the picture, but couldn’t find them as they got whisked away. Kardashian didn’t know until AFTER they had been escorted out of the store that the two women had even requested a photo.

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