WATCH: Chris Pratt Is Really Good at Being Jason Statham (But Not at Selling Steaks)

Nice Guy Chris
Chris Pratt continues to bless the world with kindness.

What can’t Chris Pratt do?

You’ve seen him shirtless. You’ve seen him battle dinosaurs. But have you ever seen him put on a thick English accent and sell steaks (yes, steaks) as “action movie star Jason Sta-fum?”

In a cut for time sketch from Saturday Night Live’s Season 40 opener, released this week, Pratt channels his inner action movie star (easy for him) to convince the masses to eat Jason Statham’s Jason Steakums.


The fake bald head looks pretty sloppy, but we’ll take it. The water also looks pretty nasty, but if Chris Pratt/Jason Statham told you to eat rocks, you’d probably do it, right?

Watch the cut sketch, above.