Iggy Azalea Blames Britney Spears and Team for ‘Pretty Girls’ Chart Failure (UPDATED)

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A timeline chronicling how Azalea's career imploded in a year.

Iggy Azalea may have quit Twitter, but that hasn’t stopped her from using Twitter! 

Azalea took some time out of her busy schedule as an engaged person to respond to fans on the platform she ostensibly left in February. In doing so, she “explained” why “Pretty Girls” became one of the summer’s most notorious flops. So what does she have to say about the song’s quick fall down the charts? Blame it all on Britney Spears and her team for lack of promotion. Those tweets are below:

To be fair, Azalea does have a point. Spears and her team are notoriously bad when it comes to promotion. In fact, Spears has only performed “live” on TV a handful of times since her memorably dreadful 2007 VMAs show-opener. Still, it’s not like the song (or the video, for that matter) garnered especially good reviews. It peaked at 29 on the Billboard Hot 100, and it’s a reach to think it would have rocketed up too much further with a few extra performances. (The one performance they did manage for the Billboard Music Awards was not met with acclaim.)

Despite her history with social media — particularly her frustration with media outlets reporting on her tweets — Azalea was apparently surprised when her tweets were picked up and turned into news. She sent out the following tweet in response to a fan forum discussing Azalea’s remarks:

Straight from Azalea’s mouth: she does not suck Spears’ asshole 24/7. This begs the question: how many hours does Azalea suck Spears asshole? If you have an answer to this pressing inquiry, please respond in the comments below.

In other news, Azalea says she is likely to collaborate with her bridesmaid Demi Lovato sometime in the future.

So we have that to look forward to. That, of course, being not only their collaboration but also Azalea inevitably throwing Lovato under the bus when the song underperforms.

UPDATE: In a truly astonishing display of obliviousness, Azalea continued to tweet “clarifications” of her original remarks and responses to the media coverage of said remarks: