WATCH: Katy Perry Gets Booed By Taylor Swift Fans

Taylor Swift fans have bad blood with Katy Perry.

Over the weekend, 25-year-old Swift performed at the British Summer Time Hyde Park music event in London. The crowd was filled with 65,000 Swifties, all waiting to see their idol perform.

So, it probably wasn’t the best idea to put a commercial that featured Perry, who allegedly wronged Swift and inspired her song, “Bad Blood.” Swift’s fans know all about her history with Perry, so when her face popped up on the screen, they had a very strong reaction.

In the video below, you’ll see a commercial playing for radio station 95.8 Capital FM. First, Ed Sheeran pops up and the crowd cheers, and then Perry comes on and the crowd starts booing! Then Swift comes on after Perry and the crowd cheers.

There’s definitely no mad love here.