Laura Prepon’s ‘Stash’ Diet Does Not Involve Commissary Hoarding

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Who knew there was a six pack hiding underneath that police uniform?

Orange is the New Black inmate Laura Prepon has a diet plan that boasts to get your body a path to criminally insane levels of wellness.

The actress announced her new book “The Stash Plan”, a wellness collaboration with nutritionist Elizabeth Troy, on Instagram Monday afternoon.


The title of Prepon’s 21-day weight loss plan is inspired by the diet’s strategy of preparing “stashes” of nutritious foods and soups in bulk on a weekly basis. “Stash” focuses on antioxidant-rich meals that are well-balanced in macro- and micro-nutrients. It claims to help its followers maintain high energy and regain a “glowing complexion”.

The actress shared her struggles with nutrition in a press release for the book, which is set to hit stores in March 2016.

“Throughout my life, I have tried many different diet plans, but none of them ever explained the underlying reasons for my weight issues and lack of energy … I’m passionate about sharing this revolutionary way of eating and healing with the world.”

Visit the book’s website to learn more about Prepon’s “Stash Plan”.