Paris Hilton Believed She Was About to Die In Cruel Plane Crash Prank

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I think everyone is all for a good prank, but when the prank involves someone who thinks that they are going to die, that ventures in to cruel territory.

Former reality television star Paris Hilton is not laughing about being targeted by a prank show.

The host of an Egyptian prank television show convinced Paris she was about to die in a plane crash during an aerial tour of Dubai.

The pilot cuts the engines mid-flight, and let’s the plane do a short dive to make it seem that the plane is going to crash. Everyone on board is screaming, and a few passengers jump out with parachutes.

In the video Hilton could be seen screaming, crying, and pleading for help. “What the fuck is going on!” she could heard yelling repeatedly as she looked terrified.

Eventually they land safely and break the news to Hilton. Needless to say, she is not happy. This is what she tweeted after the incident:

Watch the video above, which does contain some NSFW language.