ICYMI: Rihanna Dropped the ‘BBHMM’ Music Video Teaser Last Night

New Music Update
Here's why you won't hear Rihanna's new album for a while...

They don’t call her Bad Gal for nothing.

If you tuned into the BET Awards last night for one thing and one thing only, it was for Rihanna. From her plunging Giorgio Armani gold tux to her cute bits with Floyd Mayweather and BET exec Stephen Hill, Bad Gal RiRi was everywhere.

She also released a teaser for her long-overdue music video for “Bitch Better Have My Money.”

Clocking in at under two minutes, the teaser reminds us all why one should never mess with Rihanna (in music video land anyway), and why one should never get into an elevator with RiRi and her giant trunk. The full video drops Thursday.

In even more amazing Rihanna news, it seems like the hottest place to adopt a puppy these days is the club. Like you, Rihanna spent part of her weekend with some friends at a club. Unlike you, the “BBHMM” singer went home with the cutest, teeniest, tiniest puppy she found in the club’s bathroom. Yes, the bathroom. Naturally, the adorable aftermath was all on Snapchat and here are the visuals to prove it:




New video, new puppy, new week. What a great time to be Rihanna right now…