8 Times Britney Spears Used Twitter Better Than Iggy Azalea

Like the song “Pretty Girls,” it looks like the friendship/professional acquaintanceship between Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea has come to a quiet close.

Hours after Azalea basically blamed the track’s doomed fate on the Princess of Pop, Spears took to Twitter to fire back with this little burst of shade:

(If you have no idea where the shade is located in this tweet, let us remind you that Azalea recently cancelled her tour for too many reasons. Spears is currently on hiatus from her Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood and is set to return to the stage in August. Also, refer to this handy guide to the downfall of Azalea’s career).

Spears’ triumphant tweet from Monday got us digging hard into the pop stars’ respective Twitter archives. In the last year, Spears and Azalea have used Twitter to promote new music, communicate with the Britney Army and Azaleans, expressed joy over pets, and shared many, many notes of wisdom. In the end, it’s safe to conclude who’s mastered the art of tweeting (or, the art of hiring a consultant or social media expert, because one should never assume artists tweet without some sort of professional guidance, right?)

We’ll let the tweets speak for themselves.

When talking about food (Britney is simply grateful):


When doing fan Q&As (note Brit’s joy):

When talking about marriage equality in the U.S. (rainbow emoji FTW):


When dropping truth bombs (just keep smiling):


When thanking Australian media after an interview (note the cute and funny):

When talking about their pets (yas, queen/princess):


When promoting “Pretty Girls”:

When dealing with life after “Pretty Girls”: