Contrary to Popular Belief, Kanye West Does Not Dictate Kim Kardashian’s Style

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There’s no doubt Kanye West has had a major influence in Kim Kardashian‘s style transformation over the last several years.

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As we saw on Keeping Up With the Kardashians when they first started dating, the rapper helped give Kim a closet makeover.  In fact, we can probably thank him for helping her get rid of her collection of colorful, silk club dresses in exchange for her currently chic and neutral taste.

However, we should also thank Kim’s stylist — who has also worked with BeyoncéJenke Ahmed Tailly for many of her fashion-forward styles.

In an interview with, Tailly addresses Kanye’s impact on Kim’s fashion sense. “People think he dictates what she wears, but that’s not the case,” he explains. “I think the person she loves to please first is her husband. So his opinion does matter — he might suggest something or give us an opinion about something we’re not sure about — but she knows what she likes.”

“And she knows what her husband likes,” he adds cheekily.

Tailly also discussed his interest in Kim and how he makes sure to capture his persona in each of her ensembles — like the one she wore to the CFDA Fashion Awards last month.

“I started working with her after I met her and realized she is such a lovely person,” Tailly said. “Being African, I particularly find her body proportions so beautiful. But also, like Beyoncé, Kim is a perfect example of a person who is so internally beautiful, with such great values and work ethic.”

He continues, “With Kim, every time we work together we discuss, we meet. It’s really important to me to really understand the subject I’m working for. I need to understand who you are, what you like, what kind of a woman you want to be and with Kim, it’s: how do you move the woman power narrative forward?”

Then Tailly begins researching, creating mood boards and analyzing influence before he ever actually dives into designer labels — a lot of work for just one outfit.

So don’t give Kanye all the credit, okay?!