WATCH: The ‘Magic Mike’ Honest Trailer Will Give You a Huge Dose of Man Thong Reality

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Magic Mike XXL Premiere
Looking good, Mr. (and the future Mrs.) Manganiello.

Let’s face it, Magic Mike is and always has been about the abs struggle.

Just in time for the release of Magic Mike XXL, the geniuses at Screen Junkies have (finally) released their Honest Trailer version of Magic Mike.

When you strip away (!) all the extraneous parts of the plotline, it’s easy to see what Channing Tatum and his co-stars’ abs have to endure to go from “thongs to riches,” as noted by this very honest trailer. (There’s drugs v. abs, money struggles v. abs, man thong problems v. abs, and basically everyone that says no to the dudes v. their abs).

Speaking of abs, in yet another fun Magic Mike parody trailer, the folks at Pet Collective recently made something adorable with kittens and cut-out abs.

Magic Mike XXL opens nationwide tomorrow (July 1).

[h/t Tastefully Offensive]