Martha Hunt Talks Being BFFs With Taylor Swift: ‘We Need More People Like Her’

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It seems like every single one of Taylor Swift‘s best friends seriously can’t get enough of her.

Friends On Stage
Taylor Swift's friends join her on stage in London.

In the latest interview that revolves around the ever-popular 25-year-old, model Martha Hunt — who recently joined Swift on-stage during 1989 London performance — gushes to Ocean Drive magazine about their relationship.

“I can’t say enough good things about her — I admire her so much as a person and as a role model for young women,”  she says. “We need more people like her who really want to bring women together, and not over-sexualize themselves as that being what makes them worthy.

Hunts adds, “Plus, she’s just talented, and she’s just the best.”

When the hot blonde isn’t parading around with Swift and their squad of girlfriends, you’d probably recognize Hunt in between the pages of that Victoria’s Secret catalog sitting on your table.

When it comes to posing in bikinis or lingerie, Hunt says, “You don’t want to over-think it. You want to still be yourself, but the best version of yourself. You just train really hard and eat healthy. You don’t want to be too thin; you want to be a good example of a feminine woman’s body who’s very fit and who takes care of herself.”

Part of Hunt’s way of taking care of herself is seeking refuge amongst her friends — like Swift — and family.

“A lot of my friends — Taylor included — we all come from similar backgrounds of smaller towns and hardworking families that are very family oriented,” the model explains. “I think that makes such a big difference when you go off into the world trying to achieve something, knowing that somebody will be there in case you fail, somebody will be there to hug you and cook you a nice meal.”