Zayn Malik’s Solo Album Will Be ‘Very Soulful’

Zayn Malik Covers Rae Sremmurd
Listen to his take on "No Type."
Zayn Malik: "I Won’t Mind"
Hear his first solo track since his One Direction exit.

Zayn Malik is hard at work on his new solo album. So naturally, his BFF Naughty Boy, the one who has been trying to stay relevant by talking about him non-stop feuding with the ex-One Direction member’s former bandmates, has a few things to say about it.

“I think he’s just going to make, he’s making a very soulful record,” the British producer tells CapitalFM. “He’s writing, himself, on it as well.”

Naughty Boy, who is working with Malik on the recording process, continues, “I think it’s worth the wait, I think the less I say about it the better. I think it’ll all make sense soon. Zayn’s his own man, no one can tell Zayn what to do, especially me!”

While this is all fine and dandy, Directions craving to hear Malik’s singing voice once again may actually have to wait several years for his solo debut. According to recent reports, the former boy bander has been forbidden to release any new music for the next 24 months.

After audio clip of Malik covering Rae Sremmurd’s “No Type” made its way online, rapper Mic Righteous, who also appeared on the track, wrote a lengthy Facebook post about how he leaked it because the singer has been banned putting out any solo music.

“Shah (naughtyboy) told me that his label wont let him release any music for the next two yrs,” Mic Righteous claimed. “So you know what i did? I did it for him, for you. And at the end of the day they cant say no to me, i work for the people not the industry.”

Previously, Malik’s first solo single, titled “I Won’t Mind,” leaked online just less than a week after his departure from One Direction.