27 GIFs That Perfectly Depict My Emotions While Watching ‘Magic Mike XXL’

So I saw Magic Mike XXL last night, and it was everything I ever hoped for and more.

Stripping Down
The 'Magic Mike XXL' cast stripes down for 'Entertainment Weekly.'

Let me preface this by saying, I wasn’t a huge fan of the first Magic Mike. Things got a little too emotional for me. I wasn’t looking for a love story — I was looking to watch some of my favorite, sexy actors strip down into thongs, shake their ass and hump the floor.

Well, let me just tell YOU… XXL brings all of that and more. I left the theater feeling a little more than hot and bothered and have since continued to day dream of Channing Tatum humping my face.

So to further express what a great time I had, here are 27 GIFs that perfectly portray my emotions throughout the entire 2 hours and 10 minutes of the hot, hot, HOT sequel (some of which may SPOIL parts of the movie, just a heads up):

1. When the movie opens with Channing Tatums beautiful face:


2. When we think Dallas (Matthew McConnaughey) died:


3. When we see Joe Manganiello’s bare ass for the first time:


4. When we find out Dallas isn’t, in fact, dead:

4- relieved-GIF

5. When Tatum beings dancing with a chainsaw to “Pony:”

5 - yesssss

6. When “Magic” Mike (Tatum, obvi) decides to join the crew for one last go around at the Stripper Convention:

6 - happy - group

7. When the boys partake in a Drag Queen contest:

7 - laughing - gif

8. When Amber Heard makes her first appearance:

8 - amber - pretty

9. When we see a shirtless Matt Bomer for the first time:

9 - excited

10. When Joe Manganiello performs his mini-mart strip tease for a bag of Cheetos:


11. When we see Jada Pinkett Smith for the first time… in lingerie!

11 - damn - girl

12. When Michael Strahan makes a cameo strip tease:

12 - michael - strahan

13. When tWitch performs his first strip tease:


14. When Donald Glover starts rapping and singing:


15. When Channing Tatum performs his first oh-so-dirty strip routine:


16. When Matt Bomer sings “Heaven:”


17. When Joe Manganiello bangs Andie MacDowell:

17- andie

18. When Elizabeth Banks makes her first appearance:

18 - elizabeth - banks

19. When we see all the men shirtless together for the first time:


20. When Tito licks chocolate off a woman’s leg:


21. When we see Matt Bomer in a thong:

21- matt - bomer - thong

22. When Joe Manganiello comes out to dance, wearing a tux:

22 - joe - tux

23. Then when Joe takes it off and puts a woman in a sex swing to perform a full routine — on TOP of her (dead):

23 - can't

24. When Channing Tatum performs his strip tease on Amber Heard (the envy is real):

24 -jealous

25. When all of the guys end their routine in a thong together:

25- running

26. Every time one of the guys simulated oral sex:

26 - oral - sex

27. Every time one of the guys sexually humped the ground, table, chair, chainsaw, etc., etc:

27 - sex

And with that I bid you farewell and one very happy and horny Magic Mike XXL Day!