Here’s Why Being Kidnapped By Rihanna Wouldn’t Be So Bad

Rihanna gets flack for being a ‘Bad Gal’ but, as evidenced in the “Bitch Better Have My Money” music video, she genuinely wants to help you unwind.

Meet Darcy, a hard-working woman who desires a vibrant life outside of her 5 x 5 accounting cubicle.


She tries to keep her marriage spicy by meeting her husband George for couple’s painting every Thursday after work.


…That is, until the day that RiRi stepped in to break Ms. Darcy from her mundane routine.


Rihanna’s motley crew wants to shake Darcy loose.


Buy her some uncharacteristically greasy snacks, perhaps.


Maybe even play phone pranks on the pizza delivery man.


Now, is that such a crime?

They take care of their friend when she’s had “one too many” because they, too, understand the carnal drive to binge drink when life is too stressful to endure without a watermelon margarita in hand.


Ri-Ri will go to great lengths to remind you of the joyous spectacles of life.


And although she might be a little harsh about reprimanding you for asking stupid questions,


She’ll make up for it by braiding your hair,


And by returning you to your hubby before couple’s painting.


So the next time that you run into Rihanna with a suspiciously large box in the elevator, throw caution to the wind and jump inside for the ride.


Get loose with Rihanna and her crew in the music video for “Bitch Better Have My Money” featured below!

Original GIFs by Mia Lardiere, Image Courtesy of Rihanna/YouTube.