Cara Delevingne Ditches Modeling Agency to Reportedly Focus on Acting

Cara Delevingne Talks Superhero Movies
Cara Delevingne is starring in the most anticipated superhero movie of 2016...

Has the modeling world lost another supermodel to acting?

Cara Delevingne has been deleted from the Storm Models website and according to reports she left the model agency a month ago.

The Sun newspaper has reported that Cara has left their books to focus on her acting career. A source told the newspaper: “Cara left Storm a month ago but it’s been kept very much on the down-low.”

The source added: “Sarah (Doukas) was gutted to lose her huge cash cow — Cara’s now one of the biggest models in the world with huge earning potential from brands. But Cara wants to do what makes her happy and fulfils her. She knows that’s not modeling in the long term.”

Delevingne is in the middle of filming DC Comics Suicide Squad, in Toronto, shooting as the character, Enchantress.

During some downtime, Delevingne jetted off to Amsterdam to visit her girlfriend Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent.

The model/actress arrived in town to watch St. Vincent perform at Club Paradiso. Afterwords, the couple then took off straight after the gig and headed for their hotel bar, which is where these photos were snapped.